The Top 100: Highest Salary in Revere Last Year Was $316,958.

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More than 100 city employees exceeded the $100,000 per year salary, while the City also saw its first $300,000 per year earner – just one year after it saw its first $200,000 per year earner.

The total payroll for 2012 equaled $80.667 million.

The situation with the City’s first $300,000 earner is kind of an anomaly, however, as it involves former Police Chief Terence Reardon, who was removed in early 2012 and retained as a captain in the department. In addition to getting his captain’s salary through most of 2012, he also was paid a $125,000 lump sum to leave his top post immediately, before the expiration of his contract. Meanwhile, the former chief bolstered his pay throughout 2012 with some $55,349 in paid details – for which he was not allowed to work during his tenure as police chief.

All that wrapped up together made him the City’s first $300,000 per year earner – and likely he will hold that designation for quite some time as it is assumed that no one will approach that number for several years without some sort of special circumstance (at least we hope!).

Capt. Reardon pulled in a total of $316,958 in 2012.

“Obviously the contract buy out contributed to the figure,” he told the Journal. “I’ve always put in a lot of hours working. I would say the difference is getting paid hourly now as opposed to getting a salary. There’s also been a lot of work and I’ve worked a lot. I don’t call in sick and I’m a senior officer with a lot of vacation time. That all figures into it.”

It should also be noted that police officers and some firefighters have their paid detail money lumped in with their gross earnings in the information provided to the Journal from the City’s Finance Department. Paid details are almost always funded primarily by outside sources and not the City coffers.

The second highest paid employee was Superintendent Paul Dakin, who raked in some $215,855 just one year after being the first person to ever make $200,000 in


NAME                      POSITION           SALARY*     DETAILS

1.Terence Reardon      Police Captain         316,958.22      55,349.28

2.Paul Dakin            Superintendent   215,854.86

3.Jeremiah Goodwin                             Police Lt.       177,515.34  36,114.0

4.James Guido        Police Exe. Officer                     172,878.18  29,454.50

5.Joseph Cafarelli   Police Chief.        165,432.72   7,215.00

6.Eugene Doherty   Fire Chief             165,126.07

7.Glenn Malley       Police Lt.              164,454.52   33,055.00

8.David Callahan   Police Lt.              161,679.35   36,728.25

9.Louis Larosa        Police Off. 3rd Yr                       149,511.66  55,175.25

10.William Gannon                              Police Sr. Cpt.     147,906.85           15,467.00

* Salary includes details

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