Speak Now, and Hold Your Peace

Poor “Vinnie” just talked to much last Wednesday.

Had he stopped just one minute from his obscenity-laced, threat-laden telephone rant, he might have realized that he was speaking to a police officer and not the Beachmont man he was hot to pulverize with his fists.

Had he just stopped, even for one second, he might not have told the officer to meet him at the Beachmont Dunkin’ Donuts so that he could kill him in a most vile and creative arrangement.

But he didn’t stop, and so he found himself locked up.

As it was, “Vinnie” was ready to re-arrange one Beachmont man’s face last Wednesday, Feb. 6th.

He had called and called to let the man know as much for weeks.

Finally, the Bellingham Avenue victim got worried enough to phone police. On Wednesday evening, police reported to the victim’s home and found him outside waiting for them in his car. He took officers inside and played a few of the messages for them.

He told the officers he didn’t really know the man’s identity, but knew him as “Vinnie.”

Officers intercepted “Vinnie’s” phone number from the caller ID log and gave him a ring.

He didn’t answer.

However, a minute later, he rang the victim’s phone.

Officers picked up and “Vinnie” went into a tirade right off the bat.

He swore.

He threatened.

He described how he planned to kill the victim, who was actually a police officer listening on the line.

Officers tried and tried to get him to stop talking; to tell him that they were the police and not the victim.

However, he wouldn’t stop.

Then, it only got better.

“Vinnie” allegedly suggested to the officer – who he thought was the victim – that he was out and was ready to go ahead and kill the guy. He told the officers that he would meet them at the Beachmont Dunkin’ Donuts and there he would take care of the dirty work he had so longed to complete.

He followed that up with a few choice swears, which overshadowed the final warnings of officers pertaining to their true identity.

So, given the nature of the threats, and the impending visit to Beachmont, officers proceeded to the Dunkin’ Donuts for the rendez vous.

“The threats were serious, awful threats to kill over the phone, which is why officers even entertained the idea of going to meet him,” said Lt. Amy O’Hara.

Once at the Dunks, police found “Vinnie” waiting for them.

“Vinnie,” of course, didn’t find who he was looking for, but he certainly found quite a surprise when officers confronted him about his telephone antics.

Vincent Stamatopoulos, 51, of Saugus, was arrested on one warrant and charged with threatening to commit a crime and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

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