Medical Marijuana Shops Likely to Be Blocked in Revere

City councillors are set to hold a public hearing this coming Monday night, Jan. 28th, on an ordinance that would effectively ban medical marijuana dispensaries from locating in Revere – and Council leaders indicated that the ordinance has plenty of momentum to pass.

“The law, as I understand it, states there has to be only one in every county of the state,” said Council President Ira Novoselsky. “We understand Boston is going to allow it and that would preclude us from having to allow it in any part of the City. I believe we’re on solid ground with it and I believe the ordinance is going to pass.

“I don’t think there’s a feeling on the Council to support marijuana – the legal sale of it,” he continued.

That seems to be the sentiment around the entire City from a majority of those who interact with members of the Council.

Councillor Tony Zambuto, who proposed the change last December, said most of the voters he speaks with are adamant about keeping marijuana dispensaries out of Revere. He said most don’t believe it will be good for business or property values.

“I don’t expect there to be any proposals for these dispensaries in Revere,” he said. “I’m sure you might see them in Chelsea or Boston,  but there only has to be one in the entire county. We’re going to try and block them with zoning or make it so difficult to come here that they won’t bother. I’m sorry they passed this, but we have to deal with it.”

Zambuto said the City Solicitor’s office has reviewed the ordinance and it appears to meet muster legally – giving councillors the go-ahead to consider it.

The Medical Marijuana law went into effect on Jan. 1st after having won a strong majority of the vote in a statewide ballot question last November. However, city leaders all over the area – including Revere – have taken up zoning ordinances to try to prevent dispensaries from locating in their cities. Other cities to have considered similar ordinances include Chelsea, Melrose and Winthrop.

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