Congratulations Cheerleaders

We want to congratulate the Revere Pop Warner cheerleading teams for the remarkable success they achieved in the National Championships held at Disney World earlier this month.

The accomplishment of the Revere squads – the ‘C’ winning the national title for the second year in a row, and the ‘A’ and ‘D’ squads finishing in the top three in the country – is one the entire city can be proud of. The achievement resulted from the cheerleaders not only being talented and skilled young athletes, but from being dedicated to their team and listening to their coaches who instilled in them the message that if you work hard and unite as a team, all goals are attainable.

We also praise the sportsmanship that the Revere girls displayed in all the competitions in which they participated. These are lessons that the cheerleaders will carry with them throughout their lives.

Of course, success in any organization begins with excellent leadership and Revere Pop Warner certainly has it. President Paul Belschner set a strong foundation on which the football players and cheerleaders were able to maximize their instructional and participatory experience in the program.

Cheerleading co-directors Carolyn Demers and Marcy Tango revitalized the cheerleading program and provided the guidance and support the coaches needed in their teams’ quest to reach the National Championships. Ms. Demers, in particular, a nationally known cheerleading judge and coach, has emerged as a force in the organization, raising the standards of the program and demanding a lot from the coaches and cheerleaders.

The head coaches of the squads, Meredith Stavrinos (A), Melissa Elam (C), and Gina Raffa (D) also deserve credit for their outstanding leadership and the many hours of volunteerism they have contributed to this organization.

Revere Pop Warner has become a national model for how to rebuild a program and create a national contender. Revere Pop Warner cheerleading is on the map and judging by the enthusiasm and confidence of Ms. Demers, there will be many more successes and fun times ahead for the cheerleaders.

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