Granddad Claims That He Was Falsely Arrested

Making an incredible allegation of false arrest on Revere Beach, a 55-year-old Revere resident filed a lawsuit in Boston’s Federal Court against a State Trooper who allegedly arrested him while he was trying to teach his granddaughter not to play with fireworks.

The State Police did not return a communication from the Journal in time for comment on this story.

Attorney Myong Joun of Arlington said that his client, Hector Rodriguez had made a complaint based on a 2010 incident in which it is alleged that State Trooper James Farrell used unreasonable force and made a false arrest on Revere Beach.

It was noted that all charges associated with the arrest were dropped in court a few days after the arrest.

Almost two years ago, on July 4th, the complaint alleges, Rodriguez and his wife, Sonia, decided to take their three grandchildren and family dog for a walk on Revere Beach. While walking on the Beach, Rodriguez’s granddaughter picked up a used firecracker off the ground. As she picked it up, Rodriguez took it away from her and began to explain to her that fireworks were dangerous and she should not play with them.

As he was doing that, allegedly, Trooper Farrell approached Rodriguez and began to arrest him for possession of fireworks.

Trooper Farrell allegedly handcuffed Rodriguez, grabbed him by the arm and began dragging him from the Beach.

During the melee, his grandchildren were left behind alone on the Beach and his wife was frantically trying to locate them as her husband was being arrested. As they spoke in Spanish on the sidewalk about where the grandchildren were, Rodriguez was allegedly pushed to the ground by Trooper Farrell. Farrell allegedly got on top of Rodriguez as he lay on the concrete and allegedly jabbed his knee into the man’s right shoulder.

Farrell claimed Rodriguez was resisting arrest.

Both charges were dismissed a few days later, on July 7th, in court.

“As a result of the unreasonable use of force by Defendant Farrell, Mr. Rodriguez suffered a shoulder injury which required surgery to correct,” Attorney Joun said. “He could not work for more than five months as a driver for SCM Community Transportation, a Somerville-based non-profit that provides trips for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.”

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