Joe Quarantello

The city has a new Licensing Board Commissioner and he is Joe Quarantello.

Mr. Quarantello was sworn in at city hall earlier this week. He took the oath of office with Mayor Dan Rizzo standing almost by his side.

Mr. Quarantello is 53. He’s married with three children  and he is employed in an Environmental law practice with a Risk Practice Group with the well-known and important insurance firm, Marsh and McLennan.

He said at his swearing in that he wanted to give back to the city.

In a lifetime spent here (the Quarantellos live on Hutchinson Street) he has been at one time or another involved in the Revere Football Parents Club, coaching of athletic teams of all kinds, Girl’s soccer and Youth Hockey.

He’s got a very firm handshake, a professional manner about himself and the backing of the mayor.

We wish him good luck as he takes on his new responsibilities.

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