The Licensing Board

Something should be done to facilitate the issuance of a common victualer license for the new Papa John’s Pizza operation on American Legion Highway. The location opened with some fanfare last week and has now been shut because the manager failed to show-up to a Licensing Board meeting as expected.

Papa John’s received all its permits as it is a first class structure. Its manager claims he did not know he was required to appear at a Licensing Board meeting to receive a common victualer license.

The manager has been told to come back next month sometime to get his license.

The operation will lose at least two weeks revenues. Its employees will not be paid and this will be the wrong kind of welcome to Revere that should be laid out for such a business.

Reopen Papa Johns. Put the new employees back to work.

Scold the manager if it is necessary but issue the license.

Closing the place does no one any good.

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