The At-large Recount

John Correggio’s return

The recount is over. Councillor at Large John Correggio has been re-elected to another term.

The recount proves Correggio never really lost. In fact, his win was certified after a painstaking check of all the votes.

Correggio has shown an ability to be a strong voice for the residents of this city.

We wish him the best on winning another term.

Steve Morabito’s lesson

Steve Morabito is a young man with future elections staring him in the eye.

He wasn’t robbed of a victory. Rather, the recount proved he had lost.

It is a bitter loss indeed for the Revere young man who thought he had won.

His lesson is to work a bit harder the next time around and to take absolutely nothing for granted.

He ran a great campaign and we are sure he will be back for another try in two years.

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