Mark It Down: Don’t Forget to Vote in Tuesday’s Election

Next Tuesday the voters of Revere deliver the ultimate verdict on the slate of incumbents and candidates running for public office. That verdict is a final judgment. It is the last word after many, many words regarding who will win and who will lose when all the votes are counted.

Next week, the voters of Revere will be asked to cast one vote for their choice for mayor.

Who will that be – the ultimate choice that is – Dan Rizzo or George Rotondo?

In the at-large race, Revere voters can vote for five different candidates among the following: Anthony Zambuto, Robert Haas, John Correggio, Al Terminiello, Brian Arrigo, Steve Morabito, Victoria Laws, Jessica Giannino, Cheryl Whittridge, William Bell and Michael Carter.

In school committee balloting, the choices are: Michael Ferrante, Dan Maguire, Donna Wood Pruitt, Stacey Rizzo, Frederick Sannella, Carol Tye, and Rick Freni. Voters will again be able to vote up to six different candidates.

Also on the ballot is a non-binding ballot question regarding the proposed Ethanol transport by train through Revere to be off-loaded at a local depot.

Ethanol is a highly flammable, hazardous material blended with gasoline and used for fuel with internal combustion engines.

A yes vote voices opposition to the plan.

A no vote voices approval for the plan.

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