How Can This Happen? Thefts Raise Alarming Questions

Dozens upon dozens of manhole covers and catch basin covers have apparently been stolen by roving marauders who simply stop wherever there is a manhole cover, lift it up and toss it into the back of a truck and then its on to the next manhole cover.

The same is being done with catch basin covers.

Then its off to the scrap metal yard in Everett or in New Hampshire where the material is weighed, the thief is paid and then the metal is melted.

We find it absolutely incomprehensible that so many similar thefts of the same object in the same city can go on here without a single police officer observing the theft and making an arrest.

In addition, we find it absolutely incomprehensible that the police can’t at the very least warn every scrap metal merchant in Everett and in Southern New Hampshire of these outrageous thefts and the likelihood that the catch basins and manhole covers are ending up as scrap metal in one of the scrap yards.

There is no excuse for so many thefts of public property to be taking place here and the police are unable to do anything to stop it.

We could understand 30 thefts, or even 40, but the number is said to be much greater than this – and frankly, perhaps it will take a citizens watch group to solve the problem if the police can’t manage.

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