Recyclebank is Paying Dividends

Officials from the RecycleBank program were in attendance at Monday’s City Council meeting and told City Councillors that the program is going quite well and is increasing Revere’s recycling rates.

“It’s been successful,” said Beth Keene-Waddell of RecycleBank. “Recycling volume has increased 60 or 70 percent each month, which is very high and annual household recycling has increased 140 percent since the program started.”

The program rolled out citywide last March, and figures presented showed an entire year’s worth of data.

Mayor Tom Ambrosino said that the City isn’t making any money on the program, but it isn’t costing anything either. He said that it pretty much is a wash, but that it is diverting a lot of waste from the traditional trash stream – thus saving the City money in trash disposal costs.


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