Caveat Emptor

Nothing like Easter Sunday, pizza ghena and psychedelic mushrooms, but one Revere woman – who was allegedly found driving drunk on a mini-bike last Saturday – had her holiday ruined when a drug dealer hoodwinked her by selling her crack cocaine instead of the mushrooms.

At least that was the story she told police.

Officers responded to Sargent Street and Assunta Road around 8:15 p.m. last Thursday to find a 44-year-old woman swerving all over the road on a Razor mini-bike.

Police activated their lights and began to stop the swerving little bike, but the driver couldn’t get it to come to a rest. Once she did, police quickly deduced that she was intoxicated and she told them she had just downed about half a bottle of vodka before taking off on the bike.

Naturally, she didn’t do so well on the field sobriety test.

She told officers that she was headed to her boyfriend’s house. After a search of her person, officers found a bag of crack cocaine, and apparently she had just come from buying the drug.

However, she told police she didn’t know why she had crack. She said she had wanted psychedelic mushrooms to put on her pizza ghena.

“I thought I was buying [psychedelic] mushrooms. I was going to put them on some pizza ghena,” she allegedly told officers.

Her boyfriend reported to the scene and took charge of the little mini-bike.

Darlene Berghello, 44, of 7 Carmen Lane, was charged with illegal possession of a Class B drug (crack) second offense, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, operating negligently to endanger, violating the knife ordinance and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.


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