Man Stabbed, Woman Arrested

A man bleeding heavily from several stab wounds appeared at the Police Station last Sunday night with a  report that he’d been attacked by unknown men.

It ended up that the unknown men were actually his girlfriend, a 22-year-old woman from Everett.

The man told police that three men jumped him near his apartment on Campbell Avenue. They allegedly fled on foot towards Centennial Avenue.

The man was bleeding terribly and was transported to the Mass General Hospital under police guard.

Officers did, however, follow the trail of blood that he had left from his home to the Station.

A search of his apartment yielded nothing, but officers did find his girlfriend sitting on the back steps of the building.

She told them that they had been drinking at BK’s all night and then walked back home. On the way back, the boyfriend disappeared.

That story didn’t pan out though as several witnesses told police they saw the girlfriend arguing with the boyfriend and also saw her assault the boyfriend violently.

Officers found the spot where the crime occurred and were able to match up footprints in that area to the girlfriend’s shoes.

She was arrested at the scene.

In the station, she tried to fight several officers, causing them to have to spray her in the face with pepper spray.

During a search, officers found a package of crack cocaine on her person.

Johnnie Nicole Brown, 32, of Everett, was charged with assault and battery, assault and batter on a police officer, illegal possession of a Class B drug (crack) and two warrants.


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