A Fitting Honor – Public Safety Building Should Be Named in Memory of George Colella

City Councillor Steven Reardon has entered a motion before the city council asking that the city’s new police and fire station complex should be named after the late Mayor George Colella.

Colella died recently, leaving as his testament a lifelong devotion to this city which spanned longer than 50 years in public service.

He was a bit larger than life throughout most of his career.

Even into his 80’s he remained a formidable voice and presence on the city council.

As a much younger man when mayor he ruled the city with an iron fist.

As a much older man, his political excesses behind him, he became a true city leader on the council, a voice without peer, a man whose word was absolutely his bond, who, well into the twilight of his life, gave whatever he had for the benefit of the city he loved.

We believe naming the public safety complex after George Colella would be a fitting tribute to the life of public service he gave to the people of this city.

We agree with Mr. Reardon’s motion.

We would urge that his colleagues bestow upon the late Mayor of Revere George Colella the honor of having his name affixed to the public safety complex buildings and that a small bronze bust bearing his likeness should be placed on permanent display inside the police station lobby.

This would be fitting and it would be right. In life, this man of Revere was notable. He should be notable in death as well.

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