President Powers

Longtime politician takes top post on the Revere City Council

Like many of us who have lived a long life, John Powers has been there and back.

As a much younger man, he worked for the late Governor Chub Peabody. He didn’t just work for him as an aide, he was by his side almost everyday – and as a younger man – John Powers came to love government.

That gig didn’t last too long and then came reality.

Powers had his share of jobs and near misses during his 30’s and 40’s.

Then, for something like 20 years, he became the city’s Recreation Director here in Revere.

When Mayor Thomas Ambrosino was elected at the turn of the new Century, he was released from his position and it was then that he decided to run for public office.

He won his first time out and has won convincingly each time since.

This is Powers second term as Council President.

It is likely this term as president may be significant beyond his wildest dreams, as the mayor’s term may well end early if he gets a job from the governor which would set off a special election, which would cause the acting president of the council to become the acting mayor of Revere.

So, the president of the Council we congratulate today may very well be the acting-mayor we congratulate one day in the months to come.

In any event, we wish Powers the best.

He will do a good job as president.

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