Happy Birthday, RFD

Here’s to 125 years of dedicated service

The anniversary special published in last week’s Journal celebrating the Revere Fire Department’s 125th year of service to the city was a testament to the reputation of the local fire department.

We received many, many favorable calls and comments on-line from our readers about the fire department special.

Here, it was a pleasurable task to put the piece together and we could not have done it without the aid of members of the fire department, many of whom contributed to the effort.

With stories and photographs, the 125-year history of the fire department was traced from its earliest roots to the present day.

It is an ongoing success story.

The Revere Fire Department is a tightly knit, highly professional organization with esprit de corps.

We are lucky to have a fire department that has always changed with the times.

We applaud the Revere Fire Department on its 125th birthday.

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