Police Blotter 12-16-2010

Man critically injured in an accident on Squire Road

A Stoneham man is in critical condition at Mass General after being struck by a motor vehicle on Squire Road following a curious turn of events.

A State Trooper reported that around 3:22 a.m. on Saturday he observed a man running from the Wendy’s parking lot on Squire Road. He was waving his arms and trying to attract the Trooper’s attention.

It was at that time that the Trooper observed a car strike the man by accident.

By all accounts, the Stoneham man had come out of nowhere into oncoming traffic.

However, no one is quite sure why he was trying to get the attention of the police.

The victim is incapacitated and cannot be interviewed at the moment. He is suffering from severe injuries to his face, head and arms.

A friend of the victim told police that they were sitting in the Wendy’s parking lot in car. Abruptly, the victim ran out of the car and into oncoming traffic.

Police and State Police interviewed the friend, who is a Lynn man, and an investigation is underway.

Christmas comes early for lucky robber

A robber narrowly evaded the accurate nose of K-9 Officer Walsh last Friday evening after robbing Heidi’s Place on Winthrop Avenue in Beachmont.

A clerk at the store said that around 7:15 p.m. on Friday a man in a blue hoodie pulled over his face entered the story quickly and grabbed the cash register off the counter.

He immediately ran out the door with it and onto the street.

Police responded very quickly and immediately initiated a K-9 search by Walsh and his handler, Officer Michael Mason.

The dog led Mason to the Porcella Funeral Home, where they found some money with a fresh scent on it. A little further down the line they found the cash register against a fence.

Both dog and handler scaled the fence and continued on to Crescent Avenue where they lost the trail. A further search was conducted, but to no avail.

Detectives are following up the matter and looking at surveillance video.

Sins of the brother

A Broadway man’s twin was nearly apprehended for his brother’s crime, which included robbing two stores at knifepoint in a matter of 30 minutes.

Police arrested Frederick Bianchino, 21, of 1045 Broadway last Tuesday after he robbed the Tedeschi’s on Shirley Avenue by knifepoint and then tried to do the same thing at State Road Liquors in Beachmont Square.

A clerk from State Road called police around 3:15 p.m. last Monday, Dec. 6th for an armed robbery.

Approximately 10 minutes later, the Tedeschi store on Shirley Avenue reported a robbery by a man with the same description – ironically it was the same man that had robbed the store the previous week as well.

The State Road clerk know Bianchino and police quickly apprehended a man they thought was him.

However, it turned out that man was actually Bianchino’s twin brother, and the clerk was adamant that the perpetrator was not the twin, but rather Frederick.

The clerk told police Bianchino had come into the store and pulled out a folding knife, demanding money.

The clerk got scared and yelled for her co-workers.

Bianchino allegedly fled from the store.

Police apprehended him in the basement of his apartment later that day. He was allegedly found with cocaine on his person when arrested.

He is believed to be responsible for a similar robbery by knife at Tedeschi’s, and also another robbery at Tedeschi’s on Dec. 4th in which he used a hypodermic needle to rob the store.

He is charged with attempting to commit a crime (robbery), illegal possession of a Class B drug (cocaine) and two counts of armed robbery.

I did what?

A man trying to break into a Beachmont woman’s apartment was waylaid in the effort when he was overcome by the sandman.

A woman in the 800th block of Winthrop Avenue reported to police around 3:30 a.m. last Saturday she awoke to a man beating down her door and screaming for her to let him in.

He kicked.

He hit.

He seemed to be about to bust down the door.

Eventually, after scaring the woman half to death, he fell asleep in the hallway outside the apartment.

Police arrived and found the Somerville man sawing logs on the floor of the hallway.

Though difficult to wake up, once he was awake he was ready for a fight.

The man began punching police officers and they punched back.

It was an all -out fight to the finish, but as usual, the police won. The man got sprayed with pepper spray and was forced into a cruiser.

Once at the police station, he came to and was more calm. He asked officers where he was and how he had gotten where he was.

Officers explained the situation to him and he apologized repeatedly, saying he didn’t remember any of it.

Nevertheless, recall or no recall, Jared Gasparini, 25, of Somerville, was charged with attempting to commit a crime, resisting arrest, being a disorderly person and two counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

Fight at Dolphin Towers

Two elderly friends at the Dolphin Towers development got into a melee last Monday, Nov. 29th, resulting in the 92-year-old friend being stabbed.

Police responded to the Housing Authority property around 8:30 a.m. and contacted a social worker at the site.

It was explained to police that the older woman doesn’t like to spend time alone in her apartment, so she often stays with a 77-year-old woman.

At some point over the Thanksgiving weekend, the two got into an argument and the 77-year-old woman allegedly stabbed the 92-year-old woman with a knife.

A 3-inch cut was visible and photos were taken.

Neither woman was interested in talking about the incident to police. A report was taken and forwarded to the Housing Authority, with the recommendation that the two women be separated.

Indecent exposure

A 16-year-old on a bicycle was arrested on Monday, Nov. 29th for several counts of exposing himself to female pedestrians.

A woman on Franklin Street reported to police that a young man on a bicycle had just ridden by her and exposed himself to her, trying to solicit sex.

She reported that it happened twice.

As she made the report, another report came in from a woman on a nearby street that indicated the same thing had happened to her.

She told officers that the young man on the bike was headed towards Mahoney Circle.

Officers broadcasted a description and Capt. Jim Guido quickly apprehended the young man on the bike at Mahoney.

No word as to whether Capt. Guido was a victim too.

However, the young man was charged with three counts of lewd, open and gross conduct.

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