Mammoth Drug Bust – Hats off to law enforcement

Last week’s drug bust in Revere, which led to the capture of 89 kilos of cocaine and the two men who transported the drugs from San Antonio, reveals several things about the drug situation in general.

First, the size of the seizure given general standards for such events was enormous.

Police estimated the cocaine was worth $10 million.

That is a very large quantity of the white powder so easily bought by drug users and thrill seekers from thousands of smalltime dealers.

According to police sources, last week’s seizure was not a one-off.

Similarly sized shipments of cocaine are arriving in New England,  probably once a week from Texas by way of Mexico.

It is a sad fact of reality that illegal drugs are being transported all over the nation at all hours of the day and night. Sadder still is that last week’s major cocaine bust by drug agents and the Revere police doesn’t even scratch the tip of the drug marketplace.

We offer our congratulations to the law enforcement officers who made this dent in the local drug scourge.

It was a bit of bright light in an otherwise dark drug world.

Keep up the vigilance.

It is necessary as it is important for the war on drugs to be won.

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