John Correggio – Former councillor is back on the job

The swearing in Monday night of John Correggio as a councillor at large at city hall was like writing the finish to two chapters of different books.

For Correggio the swearing in marked the return of Correggio to city government, and marked as well the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

It marked also the end of the late George Colella’s place in the city council chamber – a final postscript in the last chapter detailing his long and distinguished political career.

Correggio has taken Colella’s seat.

It is a seat once held by a man who is an impossible act to follow.

We welcome John Correggio back onto the council.

His work ethic and attention kept to the job at hand will again be something to marvel at.

Correggio loves serving.

He will pick up where he left off less than two years ago.

Congratulations to John Correggio.

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