Jack’s back – Correggio sworn in; will finish Colella’s term

Meet the former City Councillor who is now the newest City Councillor.

John Correggio was sworn in Monday night as the newest at-large City Councillor, taking the seat of the late George V. Colella – who passed away last month.

Correggio was formerly on the Council until he was unseated in November 2009’s City Election. Previously, he had also been appointed to the Council when another vacancy arose.

Correggio was appointed through a process that uses the previous election’s results. Correggio was the first councillor out of the money in last year’s race.

He said that he would pick up where he left off last year, representing the neighborhoods.

“I’ve always been the neighborhood councillor and the neighborhoods count when it comes to leadership from me on the Council,” he said.

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