A Greener Revere – The costs are high — but so are the benefits

There is a bit of a debate ongoing about a greener Revere.

We are in favor of a greener Revere and of everything green for this city as we transit into the 21st Century.

We are not talking about planting more grass or trees. We are suggesting that everything must be done that can reasonably be accomplished to make the city more conscious of the environment and everything that can be done to improve it by using green technology.

Building Inspector Ben Christoforo believes that the Stretch Building Code the city is likely to enact in order to become a greener place will allow the city to apply for and to receive federal grants for the improvement of energy efficiency.

He is right and the mayor is right to advocate for a building code that enhances as well as induces builders to cause every building in this city to be energy efficient and for larger developments as well.

Added costs are a natural part of any plan to change the way we have been doing things for longer than a century – but we believe facing the future and coming to terms with it far outweighs the added costs associated with it.

The city is better greener.

Anyone thinking otherwise at this point in the city’s history needs to get on board.

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