Seize the Opening – City Hall should be open for business five days a week

Mayor Ambrosino’s desire to re-open city hall on Fridays for a half day is right on the mark.

We agree completely with the mayor who is apparently making it a priority.

After all, there is something wrong with city hall being closed on Fridays as a cost saver.

How much, we ask, can be saved by closing city hall every Friday as compared with having it open every Friday for a half-day?

Not much at all.

The mayor says he is looking for some health insurance concessions from unions as well as salary concessions in order to make this happen.

According to the mayor, the running of city hall is a five-day a week job now being done, and not that well, in four days.

This is his assessment and we believe the mayor knows of what he speaks.

City hall closed on Friday is like the city government being closed on Friday.

The tradition here is that city government works a full week just like most taxpayers.

It is a tradition that the mayor says he wants to bring back.

We urge him to do so as soon as possible.

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