Newly-formed group is raising money for Beachmont Park

By Seth Daniel

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The Beachmont Improvement Committee (BIC) is starting big and hoping to get the community’s support.

The organization is embarking on construction of a new sitting park called the Beachmont Community Park at Douglas Cummings Square, located on the site of the former library branch and the former police substation, at the apex of Winthrop and Crescent avenues.

Already, the old trailer on the site has been removed and the city has installed new granite curbing and new sidewalks.

Jim Mercurio of Mercurio Brothers Landscaping told the Journal that he would be doing the construction of the park once funds are sufficient. His company has donated funding for the design of the park.

Mercurio, a Beachmont resident and member of the BIC (though not a board member), said they have a detailed plan that includes a centerpiece tree planting with historic pictures of the area encased below the tree.

“This square is very historic,” he said. “The first school in Beachmont was located here before the Julia Ward Howe was built. Then, it was a church and a meeting location.”

In order to secure funding for the park, the BIC is selling 6-by-9 engraved paver stones for a proposed paver patio within the park.

“For $100, people can put the name of their family or a loved one on a paver that will be in Beachmont for a long time,” said Mercurio. “The money we raise through brick sales will pay for continuing efforts at the park, but also the maintenance of the park and other projects we have on the schedule. One of the other projects is constructing a park at the Boys and Girls Club once it is demolished, as well as working on several smaller islands in Beachmont.”

Already, the BIC has sold around 30 pavers and hopes to have 100 by fall, when they will send their first batch of stones to the engraver.

He said the park would be fully irrigated, will have appropriate lighting and would even incorporate some existing trees.

Anyone interested in purchasing a paver or getting involved in the BIC can contact Mercurio at his e-mail address of [email protected], or by calling Lenny Piazza at 781-284-1362.

President of the BIC is Joanne McKenna.

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