He’s Still the Ace: Hescock nears strikeout record in Boston Men’s Baseball League

David Hescock has been throwing strikes for a long time.

And Monday night, the 6-foot-4-inch righthander was on the hill once again setting down batters in the Boston Men’s Baseball League (BMBL).

Hescock, 47, is closing in on the all-time strikeout record in the BMBL, which is the largest adult baseball league in New England. He is currently pitching for the Boston Dodgers teams in the BMBL Masters Division and the BMBL 28-Over Division.

“I think my fastball is in the low-80s now,” said Hescock before taking the mound against the South Shore Giants Monday at Breed Field in Lynn. “Some days I feel my age, but I think I can still throw hard and put the baseball where I want to.”

The son of Nancy (Duval) Hescock, David grew up in Chelsea and moved to Revere when he was 17 years old. He and his wife, Michelle, lived in Revere for many years before recently relocating to Billerica. David is a long-time friend of Revere School Committee candidate Vanessa Biasella and attended her campaign kickoff reception.

It was in Chelsea where David Hescock became a Little League legend. A tall and lanky fireballer, Hescock led his Yankees team to the Major League title, dethroning the 8-time champion Indians. He led the league in strikeouts and shutouts three years in a row. Interestingly, his catcher on those Yankees teams was Adam DeLeidi, who is now the assistant superintendent of Chelsea public schools.

Hescock did not play high school baseball, but his continuing progress as a pitcher in the Chelsea Youth Baseball League, where he developed a devastating drop-curve, did catch the eye of some professional scouts.

Hescock went on to work after high school and didn’t resume his baseball until his entry in to the BNBL 15 years ago.

“It’s great to still be playing baseball in my 40s,” said Hescock. “I still love the game and this league is so competitive. It’s a lot of fun, for sure. I hope to keep playing and pitching as long I can keep getting batters out.”

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