Revere Honors World War II Veterans John Corrado And George Tirro

The City of Revere honored highly decorated World War II veterans John Corrado and George Tirro at a memorial pole dedication ceremony Saturday at the corner of Lowell and Revere Streets, the neighborhood in which the two war heroes resided for many years. Mr. Corrado, whose wife was Paula Corrado and Mr. Tirro, whose wife was Mary Tirro, were brothers-in-law.

Veterans Services Director Marc Silvestri delivered the opening remarks. “Thank you for coming out here today to honor two great men,” said Silvestri. “George Tirro and John Corrado were known to their family and loved very much. They loved the City of Revere and loved this country.

“Before becoming leaders in their community, doing some amazing things here, before family and friends and making their way in Revere – before any of that – John and George were two young men in a foreign land fighting for this country. Today we are here to honor them,” said Silvestri.

Mayor Brian Arrigo said, “We gather today in honor of two men to whom we owe the most solemn gratitude. I want to thank the families of John Corrado and George Tirro for sharing their lives with us.

“Honoring these two men, brothers-in-law, veterans, and most importantly neighbors, together – feels certainly fitting for two lives that defined service and defined neighborliness,” said Arrigo.

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso, who made the original motion to honor Mr. Corrado and Mr. Tirro, said, “We gather here in peace because of their service to our country allowing us the opportunity to do this.”

Guinasso added that he had “the very distinct please and privilege to be their neighbor for almost 50 years.”

Guinasso said the beautiful summer weather reflected the family spirit of the important ceremony. “You designated today to be a very sunny and bright day so the light could shine upon [George Tirro and John Corrado]. These men are heroes. These are war heroes. We want to thank you for your service to our community and our country. God bless America.”

Former Revere public schools administrator Ann Marie Costa, said, “On behalf of the Tirro and Corrado families, we would like to thank you for honoring our parents, grandfather, uncle, father-in-law. We would like to thank Arthur for making the motion to have the memorial signs dedicated to both men. And I’d like to thank all the elected officials for your support and for coming here today.

“It’s been a tough year for both families,” continued Costa. “We lost George in June, 2020, followed in December by John Corrado. And unfortunately, we lost Paula, his wife, a month ago.

“I would just like to say these two men were polar opposites in many, many ways,” said Costa. “However, they had one thing in common and that was loyalty and pride for the country. And they went with open arms to defend our country’s freedom, and for that we are eternally grateful.”

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