Keefe Has Praise for Retiring Councillor Guinasso

Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe succeeded Arthur Guinasso as city council president in 2020 before passing on the gavel to current President Anthony Zambuto in January.

That transition of leadership resulted in Keefe returning to the seat in the Council Chambers right next to Guinasso because the tradition has been that seats are assigned alphabetically.

As the City of Revere learned last week in a surprising announcement at the City Council meeting, Guinasso will not be seeking re-election, which means that come the end of this year, Keefe (if he is re-elected to a fourth term in office) will have a new neighbor.

“My right-hand man is calling it a wrap,” said Keefe. “Since being on the Council I have had the pleasure of sitting next to Councilor Guinasso. His feedback and advice are and will continue to be invaluable.”

Keefe said he admires his councilor’s professional, gentlemanly approach to his responsibilities. “Arthur is the most even keeled, consistent and fair councilor I known,” said the Ward 4 councilor. “He also likes to brag about his attire and style which we all know is nothing but first class.”

Keefe added that “the amount of time and effort that Councilor Guinasso has given to our great city is truly a blessing.’’

“His selflessness shall always be remembered as he laments himself as truly one of the greatest,” said Keefe. “I’m so happy for him and his family as they look at the next chapter of life beyond politics.”

Keefe’s final message to his retiring neighbor in the Chambers: “Congratulations, Councilor Guinasso, and thank you.’’

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