Council Offers Strong Support for Outdoor Seating at Broadway Restaurant

Louis Rubino, owner of the new Broadway restaurant, The Cutting Board, wants to add an outdoor space for up to 16 guests at his restaurant located at 744 Broadway.

And based on two councillors’ supportive comments at a public hearing Monday night, it appears that visitors to the popular new restaurant will have that option soon.

“My plan is to put four tables of four people each outside in our paved patio,” said Rubino. “There is ample space for all the people and all the tables out there. There are multiple exits and entrances to that patio and we think it would be a great addition to the restaurant, especially in these times when people really like to eat outside.”

Rubino said the overall seating capacity at The Cutting Board would increase to 34 guests.

Guinasso said the restaurant is located within his ward. “And I’m very familiar with the Rubino family. They are well versed people in the community. They know what the rules and regulations are in business and they want to be a good neighbor to everybody,” said Guinasso.

The councillor said letters were sent to 27 abutters of the restaurant and he did not receive a single call in opposition to the proposal.

“I’m very pleased to say that I think’s it a great idea,” said Guinasso. “Outdoor eating is now the way of the future. People appreciate the fact that they can eat outdoors. I think he has nothing to do with the sidewalk. He’s got it on his own private property. As Mr. [Ralph] DeCicco stated, of course he has to go by the ADA rules and regulations, and I’m sure that Mr. Rubino will do that. And I just look forward to him serving nice meals to the community and it’s a very centrally located business. I’m very pleased to see they have taken up shop there and they’re going to provide to our community good Italian food. Whatever food they put on the table, it will be delicious, so I will be voting favorably for this particular application,” concluded Guinasso.

Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino offered his support for the outdoor seating plan. “I could have sworn the previous tenant had outdoor seating and there was a patio, so I really don’t think anything is changing,” said Serino.

City Council President Anthony Zambuto referred Rubino’s application to the Zoning Subcommittee.

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