Talented RHS Student Nick Cravotta Enjoyed Exploring a New Opportunity in ACE Program

Nicholas Cravotta, a 17-year-old senior at Revere High School, is understandably very proud about his latest academic accomplishment.

Cravotta was the recipient of a $7,500 scholarship from the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Boston. He began in the program at the beginning of his junior year.

“My brother [Matthew Cravotta], who’s great in science and math, previously attended the program,” said Nicholas about his older sibling, who is now studying Electrical Engineering at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, where the ACE Program is held. “I wanted to explore different opportunities because I’m unsure of what career I want to pursue.”

Cravotta chose structural engineering for his specialty in the ACE Program that convened virtually once a week. He worked closely with RHS classmate Julianna Raffa on his team’s project.

“We learned about the how the structure of a building works – columns, beams, pillars, stuff like that,” said Cravotta. “Our goal for this year was to create and design a house that had certain requirements it had to meet. We had to do a Zoom presentation to explain how we did it.”

Cravotta said his ACE mentors, Kyle Karschner, Tina Unwalla, and Casey Williams were fantastic in the program.

“They were great mentors,” said Cravotta. “For any questions I had, they were able to instantly help me out. It was an excellent privilege to be in the program.”

An Honor Roll Student

Cravotta attended the Whelan Elementary School and Rumney Marsh Academy before Revere High School.

“Revere High is a great school,” said Cravotta. “We have very nice teachers and very nice staff. Mr. [Khiry] Walker was my sophomore geometry teacher and he was just an excellent teacher.”

He’s happy to be walking the corridors of Revere High after a year of remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I went for my first day [Monday],” said Cravotta. “It was different, but I’m happy to be back. Everyone is wearing a mask, and it’s very much enforced, too.”

Nicholas is leaning toward UMass/Boston where he would study Business Management or Business Marketing.

Interestingly, Cravotta’s mother, Christine Battista, is one of the greatest softball players in both the city of Chelsea and Pope John XXIII High School history.

“I know she’s in the Hall of Fame,” said Nicholas, while noting that his brother Matthew was exceptional in golf, baseball, and ice hockey. His oldest brother, Justin, will graduate in May from Salem State University.

“I love my whole family, especially my mother,” said Cravotta.

“Nicholas is very hard-working, very focused and he really know what he wants to do,” said Christine Battista. “When he wants to do something, he does it. He doesn’t give up. He’ll do really well.” Christine also thanked the Revere school system for her three sons’ educational experience. “Academically the Revere schools are solid, top notch. The staff has been great. [Guidance counselor] Amy Chamberlin was really helpful to Nicholas.”

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