Reinstein Speaks Out Against DCR’s Parking Meters on Revere Beach

Former state representative Kathi Reinstein is speaking out against the DCR’s plan to have parking meters installed on Revere Beach Boulevard.

People walking or traveling the beach will notice a large traffic message board at Eliot Circle announcing that metered-parking on the Boulevard will begin on May 1.

As a lifelong Revere resident, Reinstein has a special affinity for the nation’s first public beach. In fact, the Bandstand is named in honor of her father, the late William Reinstein, who served as Revere mayor and state representative and always looked out for the beach’s best environmental and public safety interests.

“I know that the City Council has weighed in on this issue and I’m not faulting any elected official in Revere, period,” said Reinstein. “I just think there has been no public input. This is something we’ve been fighting against for years and I think it’s horrible that any Revere resident is going to have to pay for parking on the Beach.”

Reinstein believes it may be too late for any action to stop the plan from going forward.

“They announced that they’re doing it [installing the parking meter stations] this week,” said Reinstein.

Reinstein said she would like to know if other beaches in urban areas such as Quincy have parking meters on their beach boulevards.

“I think this plan is a very big mistake on the DCR’s part, at least without having public input,” said Reinstein.

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