Arrigo Seeks to Start Public Art Commission

Revere Project Manager Elle Baker appeared at the City Council meeting Monday to speak on behalf of Mayor Brian Arrigo’s request to establish a five-member Public Art Commission. The Council enthusiastically embraced the idea.

Baker opened the discussion by terming the Mayor’s proposal “an exciting opportunity for our community to embrace art.”

Baker said that creating a Public Art Commission would give the city an opportunity to elevate and promote public within the community of Revere.

“In a lot of the public art initiatives, there are many layers and a myriad of steps that go from the idea of a public art project, from either the city’s side or the artist’s side, all the way to implementation including a lot of public spaces where we have to go through a permitting process,” Baker told the Council.

Baker said forming a team to assist artists and the city to navigate through the process will give artists a connection to the city and help with the advocating of new projects.

“It [the Public Art Commission] will help spearhead funding and grant-funding sources and essentially it will expedite more public art that will help to brighten the city,” said Baker.

The new Revere Public Art Commission would consist of five members, with the capacity for two additional members. The first order of business would be to establish what the Commission’s roles and responsibilities will be.

Ward 6 Richard Serino said the Public Art Commission was “a great idea and I look forward to supporting it.”

“I think more public art will certainly help to beautify our city even more than it already is,” said Serino.

 Ward 1 Councilor Joanne McKenna said the establishment of a Public Art Commission was “long overdue.”

“I know we talked about this four years ago with the Mayor when we were putting up the development,” said McKenna. “I think it’s a wonderful idea and thank you for initiating it.”

Council President Patrick Keefe also spoke in favor of the new Commission.

“We’re such a vibrant city and we already have some really nice art and cultural projects happening throughout the city, but certainly not enough,” said Keefe. “I think this Commission will help reinvigorate that effort and I’m very happy and excited for you to put this forth. I look forward to having this come to fruition.”

The Council will further discuss the establishment of a Public Art Commission  at a public hearing on Dec. 7.

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