Nov. 3 State Election results

Results for the 2020 State Election in Revere are as follows.

Biden and Harris received 63.58% of the vote in Revere, while Trump and Pence received 34.37% of Revere’s vote.

Revere re-elected Sen. Edward Markey with 66.28% of the vote to republican candidate Kevin O’Connor’s 27.40%.

Katherine M. Clark kept her seat for Representative in Congress with 60.26% of the vote to Caroline Colarusso’s 28.39%.

Incumbent Joseph Boncore received 68..98% of Revere’s vote.

Newly elected State Representative Jessica Giannino finished the night with 74.41% of Revere’s vote alongside Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo who received 74.94% of the vote.

The race for Northeast Regional School Committee’s Revere seat was a close race which ultimately went to candidate Anthony Caggiano in Revere, narrowly beating Melissa Jannino-Elam by a margin less than 2%.

To view the full results and a breakdown by precinct, please view the file below.

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