Revere Public Schools Students Will Start the School Year Off With Remote Learning as COVID Cases Spike

At the Revere School Committee meeting on Monday, Revere Public School (RPS) Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly said RPS would like to bypass the “hybrid” learning model that was in the district’s draft plan for a fall reopening and focus on the “remote” learning model as COVID 19 cases spike in the city.

“As you all know we held a press conference with Mayor Arrigo last Thursday and reported that for a second week in a row that the City’s positive test rate is above six percent,” said Kelly at Monday’s virtual School Committee meeting. “So instead of a hybrid model to start the school year we will focus on reopening using the remote learning model.”

School Committee member Stacey Rizzo made the motion to start the school year off in September with a remote learning model that was supported unanimously by the other committee members.

Over the past two weeks, Revere has seen its daily new case average triple, as testing has increased by 55 percent. Kelly said the remote learning model will be in place until the COVID-19 data improves in the city.

Under the remote learning model, all instruction will be provided to Revere Public School students virtually. Drawing from the Commissioner’s guidance, as well as feedback from staff, students, and families, the remote learning model would have increased rigor and accountability compared to last spring. The full remote learning model would be aligned with an in-person model and would include attendance and class participation, consistent grading expectations, feedback, and direct instruction.

According to Revere’s draft plan the remote learning model would incorporate synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. This model would have increased synchronous learning opportunities via a daily, set schedule where students would receive direct instruction and feedback from teachers.

This live work would be supplemented by asynchronous support that can be accessed by students and family members at their convenience. Student specific schedules will be established by their respective schools in Revere and communicated with families before the remote learning model commences.

However, Kelly said it is RPS’s intention to get back to a hybrid model in the fall once it is safe to do so.

Kelly said the hybrid learning model for RPS  would maximize the instructional interactions between students, peers and teachers while prioritizing the health, safety and wellness of the community.

Under this model students would return to school for in-person learning every other week.

In the hybrid model, RPS would divide all students into cohorts: Group A and Group B.

Group A would attend in-person learning one week, while Group B would participate in out-of-school learning activities during that week. The next week, Group A would participate in out-of-school learning activities while Group B attends in-person learning during that week.

This is the model, Kelly said, that makes most sense once the COVID numbers in Revere begin to dip in order to get students back to some normalcy and in-person learning.

However, Kelly did say at Monday’s meeting that a full return to “in-person” learning, while considered, was never a realistic option given the crowding of RPS buildings. Kelly said returning all students back to class all at once would never have worked given social distancing guidelines and other safety measures that would need to be in place.

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