Lack of Decent Weather Keeps Crowds down on Revere Beach

While Friday was warm and sunny, the rest of Memorial Weekend was un-summer like, thus limiting the number of visitors to Revere Beach.

“Mother Nature certainly helped with our objective to keep people off Revere Beach over the weekend as Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were simply not beach days,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo.

The mayor appeared with State Secretary Kathleen A. Theoharides, Revere Director of Health and Human Services Kim Hanton, and Major Matthew Gravini, commander of Mass. State Police Troop A, at a press conference last Friday to outline the measures in place along the beach for Memorial Day weekend.

The press conference proved effective as the nightly news shows used Revere Beach as an example of the regulations in place for the re-opening of beaches Monday.

Arrigo said that the weather and COVID-19 factors kept away the large crowds usually present on Memorial Day weekend, a time that many proclaim as the start to the summer season.

“While Friday’s weather attracted a good number of beachgoers, it was nowhere near the number we would expect in normal times on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend with temperatures in the 80s,” said Arrigo. “But even then, most people were careful about social distancing and wearing face coverings. Small groups gathered on the sand were safe distances apart from each other.”

David Procopio, spokesperson for the Massachusetts State Police, said “there were no significant public safety issues” at the beach during the holiday weekend.

In other regulations related to visits to the beaxh, Arrigo explained the process by which beachgoers will be able to purchase food at restaurants situated along the beach. Customers will be able to call in their orders and wait outside in front of the restaurant for the delivery of their food orders “provided they comply with distancing guidelines and do not linger in groups at any restaurant or establishment.”

Arrigo said the City is continuing to work with DCR “and considering the continuation of parking restrictions on the Boulevard.”

Procopio said the State Police will be conducting its usual daily patrols of the beach.

“We patrol the beach routinely, every day,” related Procopio. “We have added personnel to reach our usual summer staffing level, and there are also dedicated patrols on the beach. All of this is standard for the late spring/summer months in any year.

“As for issues related to the pandemic, we will enforce the DCR parking restrictions,” continued Procopio. “As for mask use and social distancing, our primary role will be to educate visitors on the need to follow the public health precautions and encourage them to do so. There is a civil fine penalty for non-mask use but that is a last resort.”

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