Quick Mart owner requests permission to raze, replace structure

Marilucia Alves Fonseca, owner of the Quick Mart at 225 Broadway, sought permission from the City Council last week to raze the structure and replace it with a two-story building.
Attorney Lawrence Simeone Jr. spoke before the Council representing the owner. He noted that there was a special permit issued in March 2018 that is set to expire in March, 2020. He was asking for an extension of the special permit, saying that the delay has been caused in trying to find a suitable contractor to construct the new building that will be 25 feet in height. He also said that the second floor will be used as storage for the grocery store.
Residents from Cheever Street expressed concerns over both the the lack of parking and the building only having a three-foot setback instead of the five-foot setback that the abutters are requesting. The building was built in 1920 and presently does not have any setbacks and goes from lot line to lot line
Councillor at-Large George Rotondo said that he is in favor of the project.
Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso said that he toured the building two years ago and noted that it was in tough shape at that time.
Ward 5 Councillor John Powers would like to see a floor plan.
Simeone said that he will make a presentation at the March 16 Zoning Sub-Committee meeting that shows what was approved in 2018 and what is being proposed now.
Councillor at-Large Jessica Giannino said that this is a great small family business and she looks forward to seeing what the changes are at the Zoning Subcommittee meeting.

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