Giannino in, Keefe out and Gravellese weighing options in race for State Rep.

For the first time in decades,  there is a race brewing to fill the State Representative seat that is currently held by RoseLee Vincent and includes parts of Revere, Saugus and Chelsea.  Councillor at-Large Jessica Giannino has officially announced, and is collecting signatures, while  31-year old Revere native Joseph Gravellese said that he is strongly leaning towards a run.
Gravellese, a Revere High graduate Class of 2006 and a Boston College graduate Class of 2010, said in an interview on Tuesday, “ I am strongly leaning toward running.  I am discussing it with friends and family and will make a decision in the next few weeks”
Gravellese has been active in Revere politics and served in the first administration of Mayor Brian Arrigo.  He said, “Massachusetts is facing significant challenges, including a failing transportation system that threatens future economic growth, and skyrocketing housing, health care, and education costs that are squeezing working families.
“Within my lifetime, sea level rise will impact our coast. We’re already experiencing more extreme weather and flooding. We need to have serious conversations about how to deal with these challenges, while also transitioning to 100-percent clean, renewable energy,” he added. “Revere, Chelsea and Saugus need leadership at the table to fight for the big, structural changes necessary to seriously tackle these problems.
“I have tremendous respect for Councillor at-Large Giannino, and I think she would also make a great representative for our community if she were to win. But with the state facing such urgent challenges, the voters deserve a competitive race that focuses on where we stand on the issues. I look forward to having these important conversations with voters all over the district, and running a positive campaign that is all about how we plan to invest in the future of our Commonwealth,” he said. 
In another twist for the race, Council President Patrick Keefe has decided not to run for the seat.
The following is his statement:
“Over the last week I have taken many calls in regards to the representative seat, and have taken it under serious consideration.
“I always look at what’s best for my family and how I can take the role on with all my full passion and ability to do what’s best for the community.
“My growth in Revere politics and position of leadership is a great experience and I am humbled to receive so many calls for support.
“At this point I am very grateful to be a strong voice for the residents of Revere and specifically an advocate for Ward 4.
“I will continue to focus on my career in the private sector which provides me the ability to care for my family and my role in city government to afford me the opportunity to service the many residents of Revere as a City Councillor.
“My work is still not complete within Revere City Council and I look forward to continuing to grow and represent it to my fullest capacity.
“I respectfully will not seek a run at the rep seat but am excited to see the next leaders in the district fight for the ability to represent us all.”

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