Revere High Graduates 465 Seniors During Last Wednesday’s Commencement

Last Wednesday evening 465 seniors who are part of the class of 2019 walked across the stage at Harry Della Russo Stadium to pick up their diplomas as part of Revere High School’s (RHS) Commencement Exercises.

The evening kicked off with some words of wisdom by RHS Principal Dr. John Perella.

Graduate Abdelrahman Abougalala with his father, Saber, and mother, Shimaa Abougalala, siblings and Mayor Brian Arrigo following the Graduation ceremony on Wednesday, June 5.

“I’m so honored to be your principal,” said Dr. Perella. “However, my one regret this year is that I didn’t get to know you the way I wanted to get to know you. I wish I had four more years with you to learn how beautiful you are as people. I know there are some amazing talented artists, and musicians and brilliant individuals. However, I feel we all share a very deep connection because this journey of high school, especially senior year, is something I’ve experienced with you.”

Dr. Perella reflected on the past four years for the Class of 2019.

“With all of you, I’ve experienced the games, the parties, the banquets, the events,  the long conversations about colleges,” he said. “This evening you will hear many profound thoughts and sound advice. Listen. These are your last lessons at Revere High School. Wherever you find yourself in life’s wild journey or whatever you call yourself at the end of the day or whoever you see in the mirror…own it!”

Dr. Perrella was followed by Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo, a RHS graduate himself, who told the students to savor life.

“Tonight is one of your life’s milestones and my message tonight to all of you is to do your best to slow it down,” said Mayor Arrigo. “Slow it down long enough to appreciate each moment..that’s how you will understand and enjoy the meaning of life. Reflect on the friends you’ve made, the obstacles you’ve overcome the moments of disillusionment or angry because they are all valuable and make you who you are. When you slow things down life is more manageable and more valuable and it becomes easier to understand and appreciate life. Take the good and the bad with understanding and go about your days unafraid of failure but most of all slow it down enough to appreciate the goals you have achieved.”

In brief remarks, School Committee Vice Chair Michael Ferrante gave sound advice to the seniors.

“Each one of our students are leaders in their own way,” said Ferrante. “So I say pursue a career based on your interests and talents.”

Class President Jenna Wells said the these last four years at RHS will help the class succeed in the places they go.

“Without all that you have done for us (RHS staff and administrators) we would not be here today about to graduate as the Class of 2019,” said Wells. “We have navigated our way through freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year. While this year has been filled with ups and downs and more changes we have so much to cherish. While these four years of high school were a rollercoaster it is what makes us unique. We are not the same class that walked through the doors of RHS four years ago. We learned we matured and paved our path for the future.”

Valedictorian Julia Tran began her speech humbly saying many other students could have given this year’s Valedictorian Speech, students that are better writers, who have more school spirit and who have good grades and work hard.

However, in her speech she said that the accomplishment of the Class of 2019 is that it helped shape RHS into the school it is today.

“Like all the classes before us and hopefully like all the classes after us we made RHS what it is,” said Tran.  “Our attitudes, our relationships with teachers, with underclassman and each other, the initiatives we tried to be a part of the changes we made we’ve influenced RHS as much as we think it changed us. We now have freedom and opportunity that we never had before. How many times in life are we going to have a fresh start?”

RHS Senior Class Advisor Elizabeth Mirasolo was chosen by students to give this year’s faculty address graduation.

I wish you all the best in the future. Thank You.”

“First the bad news, life is short,” she began. “Now for the good news, as long as you are alive you will never stop learning. Me, compared to you, I’m older than dirt. But who are my teachers? Everyone sitting behind me and everyone sitting in front of me. You the Class of 2019 have taught me the best. You, in your youth and your innocence, without even knowing how you influenced me have taught me the best lessons that everyone should learn. That lesson is how to help and how to be helped. You’ve taught me no matter what the circumstances we can all come together and collaborate, giving me the courage and strength to believe in myself and my passion for teaching. It was you the Class of 2019 who kept me coming back.”

Salutatorian Kiet Vu touched upon the relationships with his fellow classmates, and how they have influenced him, ending his speech with, “Observing my classmates, I see many different traits that I have come to admire.  I have learned from my friends, and I wish to be like many of you.  I truly believe you all will be able to do something great.  Along the way, we will be stressed, we will be overwhelmed, we will question ourselves, but keep moving forward.

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