Rotondo Receives Commendation Award for His Life-saving Efforts

The Revere City Council honored Councillor George Rotondo for his actions in helping to save the life of an individual who had lapsed in to an unconscious state in the City Hall parking lot.

City Council President Arthur Guinasso presented a Certificate of Commendation to Rotondo. Guinasso described the incident as follows:

“During the evening of May 22, 2019, following the City Council meeting, you (Rotondo) exhibited the true definition of a good samaritan by saving the life of an individual, who had overdosed near City Hall parking lot, by administering Narcan and reviving this person prior to the arrival of the Revere Fire Department.”

Continued Guinasso, “In acknowledgment of your life-saving action, special recognition is hereby accorded to George J. Rotondo Jr., city councillor-at-large.

Rotondo, who is a nurse, addressed the Council in a brief acceptance speech, thanking Guinasso and Fire Chief Chris Bright.

“Being a nurse and a paramedic, this is something that we do,” said Rotondo. “I do appreciate [this award]. I’m glad that everything worked out for that person and I hope they get the help that they need. I want to thank the Revere Fire Department, the Revere Police Department, and the State Police for all their work in concert. And if this doesn’t tell you that Narcan’s important, I don’t know what will.”

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