HYM Outlines Suffolk Downs Development; Demolition of Horse Barns to Begin in July

 The Conservation Commission is onboard with The HYM Investment Group in taking steps toward removing the horse barns, stables and equipment at Suffolk Downs.

Michael Borowsky, of The HYM Investment Group, told the Conservation Commission during a public hearing for a notice of intent last Wednesday, that they are ready to go ahead with the demolition of the horse barns and create an area to stockpile dirt for the Suffolk Downs redevelopment.

Present with Borowsky, was Jeff Heidelberg, a civil engineer, who showed a drawing of the horse barns off Winthrop Avenue and the retention barns used by the barn areas.

The Suffolk Downs Redevelopment received its special permit from the city of Revere in December 2018. The Revere permit covers 5.86 million square feet on the Revere-side of the 161-acre project shared with Boston.

The Revere portion of the development will be 50 percent commercial and 50 percent residential.

“The start of vertical construction will begin in 2020,” Borowsky said.

Currently, there are 30 horse barns, stables and associated equipment on the property. There is also a drainage system and utilities associated with the barns that will be cut and capped in place.

Demolition of the horse barns and stable is expected to beginning in July and should take four months to complete, by the end of 2019.

The drainage infrastructure around the barns will be capped and kept in place. This system presently takes the horse waste to the holding pond nearby.

“They will clean the pond, muck it out and convert it to a stormwater retention basic with 18-inch pipes feeding in,” Borowsky said, adding that they will be working with an EPA permit.

As for the stockpiling of soil, Borowsky said it will primarily be in the center of the overall site, with erosion control and dust control measures as they prepare the roadways and underground utilities.

Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky also asked for a wheel washer to keep the dirt off local roads. Borowsky said that there will be one. Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna also brought up the “hot button” issue of rodent control.

“The stockpiling of soil would begin in March,” Borowsky said. “There will be pest plan once the demolition contractor is brought on board. There is a pest control company on site today and that would be B&B Pest Control.”

“The community can’t wait for this to happen,” said Robert O’Brien, head of Revere’s Economic Development department.

Construction is expected to begin in 2020.

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