Council Honors Mickey ‘Say No to Drugs’ for Lifelong Contributions to the Community

Every year on Labor Day Mickey “Say No To Drugs” Casoli delivers an inspirational message to the Revere High School football players about the importance of staying away from drugs and being a leader, not a follower.

RHS head coach Lou Cicatelli extends the special invitation to Casoli each year and Cicatelli says the players look forward to Casoli’s annual appearance at a pre-season practice.

Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo was among the local dignitaries on hand for Casoli’s address to this year’s team.

“His message has been consistent for decades: Say No Drugs,” said Rizzo. “Mickey himself was a star athlete in the City of Revere and went on to play college football and the military and became a paratrooper. He was injured in service to the country and continued his life in public service as a police detective in Revere who was assigned to the state attorney general’s office.”

Rizzo felt it was time for the city to pay an official tribute to Casoli, describing the beloved RHS Class of 1946 graduate as one of the community’s unsung heroes.

“Mickey really flies under the radar,” said Rizzo. “He contributes to causes financially without any real fanfare. He does what he can for kids. I just thought it was time that we all recognize his contributions to the community, particularly to the children of the community. ”

Rizzo presented Casoli with citation from the City Council, recognizing his contributions and proclaiming Sept. 3, 2019 as “Mickey “Say No To Drugs” Casoli Day in the city.

“I wanted everyone in the city to stand up and recognize what Mickey has meant to the community and to the kids,” said Rizzo. “A lot of time we laugh and joke around with each other and Revere is that type of close-knit community. But from my perspective, this was a serious moment where we actually reflected back on what Mickey has meant to the city and the kids, and the message that he has tried to consistently deliver to kids to be leaders and not be followers and stay away from drugs.”

Casoli said he was humbled to receive the award. “I’m grateful to Councillor-at-Large Rizzo, a true leader in our community, for this recognition and I hope to continue to contribute to the community in years to come. I want to thank the entire City Council and City Clerk Ashley Melnik for this high honor.”





Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo presents a City Council citation to Mickey “Say No To Drugs” Casoli in recognition of his lifelong contributions to the city and his inspirational message to Revere High football players that he delivers each year in a speech on Labor Day.

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