City to Honor Grace Hill Sannella with Memorial Plaque

The late Grace Hill Sannella will be honored for her outstanding contributions to Revere with a plaque in her name at the McCarthy Pavilion on Revere Beach, across from Kelly’s Roast Beef.

The Council approved a motion by Ward 5 Councillor John Powers that the city recognize the distinguished citizen for her 42 years of faithful service to the citizens of Revere.

Mrs. Sannella passed away on June 3, 2018 after a valiant battle against cancer. She was 78.

Mrs. Sannella’s husband, longtime Revere School Committee member and former school administrator, was present in the City Council Chambers as councillors lauded her outstanding service to the city. Mrs. Sannella was a paralegal in the Revere Solicitor’s Office.

“This [tribute] is something that I felt was so important,” said Powers. “This is a young lady who served the city for over 42 years as a paralegal in our solicitor’s officer. But aside from that, she was a constant down in the area near Kelly’s and the Jack Satter House. She was always communicating with the residents down there and helping residents with whatever they needed. She continued to give her service even after her retirement. So I think honor is very appropriate.”

Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo said he “wholeheartedly” supported the official recognition for Mrs. Sannella, noting the presence of her husband at the meeting.

“We know how she represented herself, not only as an employee of the city of Revere, but just what she meant to so many people across the city for so many years. And the way she carried herself even in adversity was something we can all learn from. She is going to be missed, but her presence will be forever felt, and this is one way that we can do that.”

Councillor-at-Large Anthony Zambuto said that Mrs. Sannella was “certainly a fabric of the city and a wonderful representative of our city.”

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso said that “Grace Hill Sannella was certainly worthy of all the praise and honor that this Council could offer out to her. She was just a wonderful person. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for over 50 years. She’s just a person I will miss and my wife will miss. We shared a lot of life and we recognize Grace as a wonderful human being and this is a very simple token of our appreciation.”

Ward 6 Councillor Charlie Patch said that Mrs. Sannella was a friend for many years “and came from a wonderful family, the Hill family,” and her husband has also served the city with distinction.”

Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito said Mrs. Sannella’s recognition by the city is “well-deserved.”

“This is a very hard moment for all of us,” said Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky. “I’ve known the whole family for many moons. These words of praise and this plaque are perfect. They fit her as if she was actually going to be here all the time. This plaque will endear this location that we can always go down and visit Gracie on Revere Beach.”

Council President Jessica Giannino praised the Hill and Sannella families.

“When you think about the two families, they’re two very important threads to this communities,” said Giannino. “They’re two families that have such a deep sense of community service and dedication to the City of Revere. I think this is a very, very fitting memorial and I look forward to seeing her memory have a permanent home on Revere Beach where it belongs.”

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