Residents Produce Short Film On Gun Issue to Premiere April 4

Gun violence is all too often in the news, and two filmmakers from Beachmont tackle the issue in a short-film called “God Don’t Love Ugly” that premieres digitally next Wednesday, April 4, and will be available to stream on Amazon, YouTube Red and Vimeo.

Rex DePalma grew up in Beachmont and moved out to Los Angeles 12 years ago. He came back to make his first film in Boston with his friend (and actor and producer) Mike Hill, of Revere, who grew up in the Park Avenue area

“The movie was filmed all around Beachmont, especially around the site of the former Our Lady of Lourdes Church ,” DePalma said.

The film is about the vicious cycle of gun violence in modern-day Boston; it tells the story of a young man who is released from jail and wants to avenge his brother’s death.

The 22-minute film also features Benjamin Ciaramello, from “Grey’s Anatomy”, Gabrielle Walsh of “Shameless” and local actor Derek Avery, who also grew up in Beachmont.

The film has drawn awards from Altfest New York 2018, Young Filmakers New York 2018, and New Filmmaker New York 2018.

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