Medical Marijuana Tax for Revere Approved

Monday night the council voted to accept a state law that would allow the city to impose a 3 percent tax on any marijuana purchased at a marijuana facility.

The council has already voted against recreational marijuana shops, but a medical marijuana facility, through a company called Alternative Therapies, has been approved for Railroad Avenue.

Councillor Steve Morabito, who presented the motion, was adamant that the 3 percent be kept in a separate budget line item so it could be used toward helping people.

“This will allow the city to reap the benefits of the only medical marijuana facility when it comes to Revere,” Morabito said.

This local tax option on marijuana sales would go toward abuse prevention and addiction services.

The motion also includes mitigation funds if a host community agreement is entered into. The agreement would also include a 3 percent fee on gross sales for a five-year period.

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