Billboard Ordinance Public Hearing to Come

A new billboard ordinance will go to a public hearing next month now that the subcommittee, which worked on it, has a final draft.

At Monday evening’s subcommittee meeting, City Planner Frank Stringi and City Solicitor Paul Capizzi, who drafted the language for the new billboard ordinance shared the details. Also working on the issue were Ron Champaux  and Carol Haney of the Revere Beautification Committee. The citywide moratorium on new billboards expires in March. The ordinance has to go to a public hearing and then back to the City Council to adopt.

The new ordinance, said Stringi, prohibits the future proliferation of billboards in Revere. Digital signage (not just billboards) will be regulated, and converting a static billboard to a digital billboard will require a special permit, and no new billboards will be allowed.

Stringi said the city currently has 31 billboards, with six in the Technology Enterprise District, three on the highway and 22 in other districts around the city. He noted that safety and maintenance standards have been put into the ordinance.

Champaux noted that the only thing up in the air was a fine system for those who don’t adhere to the ordinance. He was assured it could be put in.

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