The $3M Winner Could Possibly be Revere Schools

Revere school officials are waiting with some measure of anxiousness over the holiday break to see if the schools have won the $3 million Nellie Mae grant – one of the largest private school grants in the nation.

“We believe we have a good application and make a good case for winning the award, but we won’t know for certain until Jan. 5,” said Supt. Paul Dakin.

The grant is awarded to four districts and there are currently some seven remaining in the hunt for the grant, including Revere. The grant is focused on Student Centered learning and Revere has been working towards the grant with Nellie Mae for the last year, at least.

Student Centered learning is one of the latest movements in education, and features students using technology to watch lectures and then engaging in discussions and questions during class time. There are other features at well, most all of them empowering students to spark learning and not teachers.

The grant would provide $1 million per year to further those goals for 3.5 years.

“It’s an unbelievable grant,” said Dakin. “It’s a lot money. It could significantly transform teaching and learning and how technology can be used to deepen instruction and maintain high achievement.”

Nellie Mae is an educational foundation that started in 1990 and focuses on transforming learning in New England.

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