New Wonderland Transit Center Opens to Fanfare, Ribbon Cutting

With a host of public officials shown above, Congressman Ed Markey, Rep. Kathi Anne Reinstein and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo are shown cutting the symbolic blue ribbon with Mayor Dan Rizzo and Transportation Secretary Richard Davey.

The new Wonderland Intermodal Transit Center was officially opened with a traditional ribbon cutting at the location Saturday morning.

The $53.5 million dollar parking garage and walkway to the beach is a spectacular new architectural addition to the local landscape and is part of a much grander development project intended to change Ocean Street into a booming center for business and residential housing.

“I am proud of the strategic  investment made to build the ITC. With the Transit Center as its hub, the continued redevelopment will benefit the local economy and also answer the growing demand from those who want to live, work and play in an area served by sustainable transportation,” Governor Deval Patrick told the Journal. Due to other commitments, the governor was unable to attend the ribbon cutting.

He sent MassDOT Secreatary & CEO Richard Davey to represent him.

Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo praised the project with short remarks.

State Senator Anthony Petrtuccelli and Representative Kathi Anne Reinstein called the project remarkable. Reinstein delighted Davey by referring to him as the best head of the Transportation Department … evah.

Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo made strong remarks at the beginning of the ceremony.

He praised the governor, former Mayor Thomas Ambrosino, who was in attendance, and especially Congressman Ed Markey, whom he noted had worked so hard and for so long to make this development a reality.

“This is a wonderful moment,” Rizzo told the Journal.


Congressman Markey once again noted the history of Wonderland and of Revere Beach – the first public beach in America.

“It was called Wonder land,” Markey said with emphasis, “because it was literally a wonder land for all of us who came here and who enjoyed ourselves as kids on the beach.”

A great number of elected public officials attended the event – which featured the grand entranceway to the station.

The event was held on the front stairs leading into the station.

It is a soaring bit of glass and steel architecture, linked to the transit line and the parking lot and shortly before October, will be linked to the walkway to the beach – which should be spectacular.

The new transportation center glistens in the evening.

It is perhaps the most modernistic building in the history of the city.

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