Rizzo Bests Rotondo by a Wide Margin

Mayor-elect Dan Rizzo celebrates his victory with his wife, Jane, Tuesday night at Casa Lucia.

Dan Rizzo is Revere’s mayor-elect following a strong effort throughout the city which left his challenger George Rotondo 1500 votes behind.

The final vote was Rizzo 5429 to Rotondo 3938.

Rizzo scored 57% of the vote. Rotondo scored 41%.

The outcome didn’t surprise Rizzo supporters and organizers who outnumbered Rotondo’s by a wide margin.

A huge crowd gathered at Casa Lucia on Lucia Road to celebrate the victory.

At 9:25 p.m., Rizzo and his wife Jane arrived at the club flanked by longtime friends and associates.

“I am very pleased and very humbled,” said the mayor elect – who then turned to kiss and embrace his wife before stepping into the club.

Thus ended a long and sometimes vituperous campaign that seemed to fit the two candidates into differing positions.

Rizzo was viewed, and it was proven by the outcome, as the candidate Revere voters felt most comfortable voting for.

Rotondo, on the other hand, was widely viewed as more outspoken and contentious and at times personal by comparison.

Rotondo presented himself at Casa Lucia shortly before Rizzo arrived to announce his concession.

That message was accepted by Rizzo consultant Frank Perullo, who passed it on to Rizzo when he arrived.

Rizzo was exultant as he entered his club amid the powerful cheers of hundreds of his supporters.

“This is the exact outcome we expected,” said John Festa, local businessman and one of Rizzo’s advisors and supporters.

“Dan did a great job. He’ll be a good mayor for this city during this difficult time.”

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