Revere Police, New York Detectives Make Major Gang Grab on Revere Street; One Man Confesses to Murder

A cadre of law enforcement, including Revere Police, apprehended two major Salvadoran gang members hiding out on Revere Street last week, with one of the men confessing to a cold-blooded murder committed in New York City last July.

The men were known by law enforcement to be signature members of the notorious 18th Street Gang.

Lt. Dave Callahan and Revere Police officers were accompanied by Federal Marshals and Nassau County (New York) homicide detectives to 284 Revere St. last Thursday, Sept. 1st.

They were searching for a man who was a fugitive from justice in New York and believed him to be hiding in Revere.

Surveillance was set up on the property and after several hours with no action, police approached the door and identified themselves.

As they banged on the door, one man came out onto the third floor balcony and hid behind a mattress.

When he emerged from that hiding place and looked over the balcony, he was positively identified by New York officials as the man they were seeking. Police made their way into the home and found not one fugitive, but two fugitives.

The man that was sought, Jorge Mejias, 28, was found hiding in a bed.

He was taken into custody and interviewed at the Revere Station by New York detectives.

During that interview, Mejias confessed to having committed a murder in New York this past July.

He was ordered held without bail and will be extradited to New York to face charges there.

The other fugitive had more than one name.

Eventually, it was learned that he was Ricardo Lopez, 31.

Lopez had been deported from the United States previously for being an offending felon, but he had illegally re-entered the country and was wanted by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Revere Police turned him over to ICE and he is now in their custody.

The men were allegedly found in the apartment with a 9mm Ruger handgun and ammunition.

The handgun had been stolen from a residential robbery in Vermont on Feb. 1, 2009.

“These men were all El Salvadoran and were high-level members of the 18th Street Gang and were well-known to law enforcement,” said Chief Terence Reardon.

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