Crowded Classes – Expanding enrollment is biggest challenge facing the Revere School Committee

Revere’s public school enrollment is soaring.

This year alone, the school population has grown by 288 students over last year – a remarkable figure all things considered.

In fact, from two years ago, the enrollment has swelled by 400 students.

There are 6,433 students as of this week in the Revere public schools.

That figure at present growth rates will exceed 6,500 in no time.

All signs point to continued growth in the years to come.

It is a phenomenon caused largely by the general impression that Revere’s public schools are a good place to educate ones’ children.

Also, Revere’s plentiful housing stock at prices that are doable for working class families allows them to choose Revere over other communities, which aren’t as safe or as convenient to Boston.

Revere’s public schools are experiencing a boom time.

However, with the boom comes the difficulty of providing enough space, teachers and programs to match the needs of the quickly expanding student body.

The superintendent of schools has already noted that Revere needs another school – and in the next three years, that could be two schools that are needed.

The growth of the student body in the public school system is a two edged sword.

It is a compliment to have done so well that so many wish to have their children in Revere’s public schools.

It is another matter entirely trying to provide space, teachers and programs for those new students.

On average, every additional 25 students requires another teacher and additional support.

Two hundred new students causes the need for 6-8 teachers – and when everything is added up, all these new students are going to causes millions of dollars of added expenses to meet state educational regulations and to keep down class room size.

Everett’s public schools are experiencing the same situation; Chelsea’s also.

Parents are seeking better systems for their children and the systems must accommodate the new numbers or they weaken themselves.

The success of the school system is turning out to be a difficulty to support.

Over time, the numbers entering the public school system will continue to grow and the need for a new school already apparent, will grow alarmingly.

The School Committee needs to meet this challenge head on immediately.

The success of the school system after years of effort is at stake.

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