Rockers reunite to help Celebrate Revere

There’s a bond amongst band mates that a number of musicians insist can last a lifetime.

Sometimes, a guitarist can communicate with the bass player without even speaking.

And some bonds can even span a musical break of three decades.

That’s the situation for one group of Revere guys who have formed the band Inclusion, and will be playing one of their first gigs in decades at this weekend’s Celebrate Revere Day on Revere Beach.

“We had a band for several years in high school called Crystal Meth – had a pretty good following – and then when we graduated it was like we flipped a switch and it was all over,” said Al Terminiello Jr., bass player for the band. “I sold my guitar and we never mentioned guitars or music ever again, even though we saw each other all the time. Then, 40 years later – on a whim – I brought it up.”

Terminiello said he began playing with life-long friend, guitarist Bobby Cappoccia.

“He asked me if I still played my guitar and I said I did,” said Cappoccia. “We decided to get together for old time’s sake. So, we started playing every now and then in my cellar just after Christmas last year. We had no intention of playing out.”

Added Terminiello, “This was supposed to be an occasional night out with the guys. That’s all.”

However, Revere’s Frank Tavano began playing with them, and then guitarist Vinnie Rizzo joined in.

They added Ernie Mattola on vocals and things started to click.

Then, recently, the original drummer from their high school days – Tony Aloisi – joined the growing musical group.

Whether they liked it or not, they were a band – and they began to get pretty good.

Then they decided to audition for one of four musical slots in this Saturday’s Celebrate Revere Day.

And they were granted the opportunity.

“It’s like a class reunion,” said Cappoccia. “It’s like a bunch of us got together for this reason. We’re all guys in our 50s and all graduated high school within three years of each other. We’re all from Revere and live in Revere. Most of all, we’re really having fun with this.”

Terminiello said that they mostly play Classic Rock cover tunes, including songs from the Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, Credence Clearwater Revival, the Allman Brothers and Cream.

They will play 10-12 songs in their one-hour time slot.

“Now, we’re all looking forward to this thing at the Beach and we’ll go from there,” said Terminiello. “We had a lot of fun with it in high school and we’re having fun now. It’s amazing how it just kind of happened.”

Inclusion will be playing on Saturday, Aug. 14, at approximately 5 p.m.

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