Mayor will set up hearing to revoke track’s parking license

Wonderland Dog Track has run out of time to pay its taxes, and there will be no more extensions.

Mayor Tom Ambrosino said on Monday that Wonderland still hadn’t paid its whopping tax bill and he would move to revoke their commuter parking lot license.

“I believe the License Commission will set up a hearing to revoke the license, as per the ordinance,” said the mayor. “They’ll have time until the hearing. If at the time of the hearing they’ve paid their bills, that will be a defense.”

He said he expected the hearing to take place in the next week or so.

Last week, Wonderland was shown to have a delinquent tax bill of nearly $300,000.

The License Commission was, at the same time, petitioned by Wonderland for a renewal of their commuter parking lot license. The matter was tabled, thus leaving the track with no license to park cars.

However, Mayor Ambrosino made an accommodation for the track. He gave them a week to get their affairs in order. As of Tuesday, the track still hadn’t come through with the dough, despite promising the mayor that they would.

Councillor George V. Colella was very upset last week at the mayor’s accommodation – as the same scenario had unfolded just two years prior.

Now, it appears that no one – not even the mayor – is protecting Wonderland from the consequences of its tax problems.

The track had a license to park 500 cars on their lot next to the Wonderland Station. It is pretty much the only lucrative business left on the site, which once hosted one of the largest dog tracks in the nation.

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